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API Overview


The Project Bubble Restful API allows you to access and download your data as well as develop applications. Responses are in XML format but can be return in other formats such as CSV, JSON, and HTML by using a /format/csv parameter.

Please note that all resources are protected by a throttle limit of 500 calls per hour, per resource.

To use the API simply replace the example code below with your subdomain and the required resource. For example:



To authenticate simply grab your API key from the My Account page and either use it as a query parameter named X-PROJECTBUBBLE-KEY or in the HTTP header.

For example:

curl -H "X-PROJECTBUBBLE-KEY:27838413e610417bd866352767fe322ca97d94c8" https://test.projectbubble.com/api/user

API Rules

We encourage developers to build their own applications for either adding to the service (e.g. iPhone apps), data reporting, or connecting with other services (e.g. Google Apps). However there are certain rules we would like developers to abide which protect the developer and us. Please see our API Rules page to read more on this.