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Timesheet and Project Reports


A long awaited feature has arrived. Timesheet and Project Reports which let you give your client an in-depth report on what your company has been working on.

Simply click on the magnifying glass in the Projects page to see a report of your Project, complete with:

  • Overview of the Tasks and their Status
  • Project Feed (RSS) for your client to subscribe to so they can be kept up to date
  • A detailed Timesheet report for all the tasks including the hours worked and who worked on what
  • PDF download facility

Click here to see it in action!

Printer Friendly!

We've also made all reports (and Invoices and Estimates) printer friendly so you can print them out right from the website.

Add entries on top of old entries

We've improved the time tracker so that when you add entries manually it now adds time to that particular day (and user) as opposed to overwriting the time.


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Posted by Stu Green
Stu is the founder, CEO and lead developer of Project Bubble. He lives in Jacksonville, FL with his wife and daughter. Stu originally comes from London, England, so has a seriously good left hand at table football. Challenge if you dare.

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