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Server Upgrades

Many of you will be aware that last night the server crashed and had to be rebooted three times before it was back up and stable. It took 12 hours to do this and I was up most of the night checking progress and posting updates on Twitter. A full investigation in to this has begun by both me and the web hosts.

However, I take this matter very seriously and don't see any excuse being good enough to satisfy 12 hours of downtime. It's very disappointing because I have been with this web host for years.

The reason I'm mentioning this is because I want to look at upgrading the hardware that Bubble sits on. At the moment it is on a shared box, but virtually private (the next best thing before a dedicated server). A dedicated server means that there is much less chance of a crash, and if it does crash it won't take very long to reboot. The next stage up from that is referred to as 'cloud hosting' where there are lots of servers running in parallel. If one server goes down, another takes over.

Cloud hosting is probably quite far down the line because Bubble doesn't make enough money at this time, however I want to plan it in for the next couple of years. I also want to look to moving to a dedicated server in the next few months however the cost for a dedicated server can range from $200 - $600+ per month.

I am going to be posting a "Roadmap" soon which will talk seriously about the plans for Bubble, and in it will be information on the much-talked-about "Power Users" group. Also there will be information on pricing for the future, which I know a lot of you have been asking about.

In order to take the hardware and security concerns seriously, then we need to take the business side seriously, so I will post more information on this shortly. In the mean time please feel free to contribute financially and support Bubble for the next 2-3 months.

I hope you all know, and I do say it often that service, support and quality are my highest priorities. I want the best for our users.

Thank you all, and thanks for your patience last night while the server was down.


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Posted by ProProfs Team
Stu is the founder, CEO and lead developer of Project Bubble. He lives in Jacksonville, FL with his wife and daughter. Stu originally comes from London, England, so has a seriously good left hand at table football. Challenge if you dare.

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