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New Dashboard, Charts & Graphs


We've just updated the Dashboard adding new charts and graphs for easy project visualization. The Dashboard is now tidier, faster and more useful.

The value of being able to get an overview of what's been happening with your projects and invoices over the year can't be overstated. It seems that any web application that has charts or graphs gets loads of press and happy customers, so we wanted to jump on this ship and be a part of it. We also know that it's something we probably should have added a long time ago. So here it is.

Your Dashboard is now much tidier. We've gone through each item that was on there and taken out what we thought was causing unnecessary clutter. Now the Dashboard serves as your project (and financial) overview.

The new dashboard tells you:

  • What's been going on this year
  • What projects, tasks and invoices are due today or overdue
  • Recent activity in the team (including comments and files)
  • How your time is being spent across open projects
  • Breakdown of open/closed projects
  • Amount collected this financial year
  • Amount outstanding
  • Storage

Tip: You can change your financial year by going to the Preferences section in the My Company page.

We hope you enjoy!

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Posted by Stu Green
Stu is the founder, CEO and lead developer of Project Bubble. He lives in Jacksonville, FL with his wife and daughter. Stu originally comes from London, England, so has a seriously good left hand at table football. Challenge if you dare.

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