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Customize Your Invoices


Making invoices in Bubble has just been improved even more. You can now easily edit the Invoice Title, Description and Footer with a nice inline editor.

The main advantages this brings, apart from being a lot easier and simpler to use, is that now the 'description' field can be whatever you want it to be - not necessarily a description but instead it could be your billing details. Also now you can customize the footer per invoice (and estimate), so you can show a different footer on each invoice. This could be useful if you want to express different payment terms, or if you want to put further information relevant to that invoice.

Note: Your invoices won't be affected, its just when you make new ones it will be easier than before.

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Posted by ProProfs Team
Stu is the founder, CEO and lead developer of Project Bubble. He lives in Jacksonville, FL with his wife and daughter. Stu originally comes from London, England, so has a seriously good left hand at table football. Challenge if you dare.

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