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Add Formatting to your Descriptions


You can now add text formatting to your project and task descriptions using our new editor and Markdown formatting syntax.

When we first started Project Bubble we often had requests for a WYSIWYG editor for formatting descriptions. At first we were very against them (and to a degree we still are), however recently a customer said that she just wanted to put bullets in to her descriptions and comments, and perhaps a few bold highlights.

We decided it was time to add a formatting system for the descriptions and comments, and a healthy compromise between a full-on WYSIWYG editor (which can really slow things down) and the simple text box we had before is our new text formatting system which uses Markdown - a text formatting syntax which is easy to understand and read. Read their guide for a full description of the formatting options.

The helper buttons you'll see when you add projects, tasks and comments allow you to add this syntax in to your descriptions and comments allowing for much prettier project pages and much more helpful communication between teams and clients.

We hope you enjoy!

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Posted by ProProfs Team
Stu is the founder, CEO and lead developer of Project Bubble. He lives in Jacksonville, FL with his wife and daughter. Stu originally comes from London, England, so has a seriously good left hand at table football. Challenge if you dare.

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