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Want More Productivity? Stay Off the Internet!

Stay Off The Internet

The world has changed so much in the last few decades and it's hard to now imagine a life where we couldn't instantly connect with people across the globe from any number of hand-held devices. This prevalence of new technology and the "always on" lifestyle has its downsides though, and many companies are now discovering that by switching off this constant stream of information the productivity of their staff is increasing. Could this work for you?

Last Friday I was invited to an office in London to discuss project management training to a group of people about to start a new warehouse construction. The office I was being taken through was huge and built from steel, glass and a type of material I can only describe as plastic, but a bit colder and harder and looking a bit like concrete. But it was definitely plastic.

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Organize Yourself To Boost Productivity

Abraham Lincoln Quote

Getting organised is at the cornerstone of every good productivity check list and you'll find it at number one on ours. So what's at the core of organisation and how can we use it to make sure our day is as productive as possible?

Here at ProjectBubble we’d like to think we know a thing or two about organising our day, our office and our life. Organisation, after all, is what our software is about and so you’d expect that before we could create such software we’d know what a good project looks like and therefore how a project manager would organise his or her day.

We like to keep things simple here and also productive so we’ve been scouring around the web to find the best and easiest ways to ensure we stay organised. We’ve tested these, too and after a few weeks we reckon we’ve found the best ways to get ourselves organised and hopefully it will help you.

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5 Essential and Profitable Productivity Tips

Organised productive desk

Have you noticed how some people manage to get everything done every day without breaking a sweat? Even though they have more to do than you, they just seem to get it done with no fuss and (annoyingly) seem happier about it, too?

Wish you could be as good as them without lobbying government to add three more hours to the day?

The secret is to increase your productivity, maybe even doubling it. Easy then, eh? The thing is, if you can double your productivity then you can effectively double your revenue because you can get twice as much work done. Or even better for some, you can get all the work done and then go home and enjoy some quality time with the family or take the boat out for some fishing.

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What Truly Motivates Us?


Why did the chicken cross the road? The answer: Motivation.

Motivation can do so much to help or hinder a person that much has been written about how we can tap into the psychology of it in order to become as productive as possible. The chaotic world we live in demands that we do certain things at certain times but actually doing those things is really down to our own motivations.

For example, when we are told to be at a certain place, we still have the choice as to whether to be there or not. Our likelihood of turning up is basically down to what the results will be either way, for example, what is the “pain” of not turning up versus the “pleasure” of being there on time.

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10 Ways to Rock Your Remote Collaboration With Style


Remote collaboration is the new age of the future, so here are 10 surefire ways to rock your remote collaboration, with style.

More people are using remote collaboration for work and in creating meaningful connections than ever now. We connect with each other through information we can view and share remotely from brick and mortars, to the Web, from virtually anywhere, round the clock.

So much so, we’ve made the mental shift we can communicate through remote collaboration and stay ‘plugged in’ to the things that inspire us. There’s no denying hi-tech is expanding how we engage with our peers, with our co-workers, and with our families.

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