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Focus on Today


We just launched two really great new features. One will help you keep focused on what is happening today, and the other will save you time as you select multiple projects or tasks and perform bulk actions.

As we launched these features this weekend I started thinking about when Project Bubble began. The original idea was to keep focused on what is happening today and not to get distracted by what might be around the corner, or what is overdue and being waited on by an angry client.

Somewhere along the way, with APIs, and redesigns and iPhone apps and other things, I admit that this priority of 'focus' within the app got a little lost. However today, we have addressed that.

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Should I Consider Staff Project Management Training?


When putting a team together for your next project, do you simply look down their CVs and check out the list of qualifications and experience? Do you take it all at face value and accept that if someone achieved a great qualification twenty years ago that they’re still fit to manage today?

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Held Back By Digital Shortcomings?


These days we tend to take for granted technology and advancements that only a decade ago were expensive luxuries. Wherever we travel, we expect to get Wi-Fi or at least extremely fast cellphone connection such as 4G. However when working in some areas we can find that technology infrastructure is lacking and this can have consequences on project deadlines.

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It Happens to Everyone. Stay Calm


You’re new to the job, you haven’t even learned where the canteen is and yet you’re dragged into a meeting with a bunch of other people. They all look at you. Your boss has told them that you come from a very technical background, you’ve looked after many servers in your previous roles. This new project is ideal and you’ve been drawn in to be project manager.

Wait? What?

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Do You Strive for Project Simplicity?


For many project managers, the ideal project has dozens of sub-projects, manuals full of information describing the nuances of each one and a team structure that takes up an entire office wall. Running a complex project is sometimes seen as proof that that the manager has the mettle for bigger things.

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