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Blogs Every Entrepreneur Should Read This Weekend


It’s lonely as an entrepreneur. If you’re starting out on your business journey alone, you’re left doing everything yourself and it seems everyone else has it easier than you. Also, asking for advice can be difficult. Who do you ask? Where do you go? Well the Internet is big, and it abounds with people who have done it all before…

As the weekend approaches, we can begin to feel a little weary. The previous five days have likely been very tough and we’ve been working as hard as we can to satisfy clients and get jobs done on time. But what about us? Do we take time out to help our own business and ensure we’re developing in order to better ourselves?

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Lost in the Social Media Wilderness?


If you're one of the many millions of consultants hoping to live the dream of working for yourself doing what you love, you'll no doubt be aiming to use social media to get clients. However, many who try are often frustrated by the seemingly impossible task of building a great following. Are social networks really any good for gaining customers, or have we been sold a lie?

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are often promoted as the three most popular social media sites for doing business on-line. For many, though, they can be daunting places to hang out, and if you're only just starting in business, the question has to be asked - "what can they do for me?"

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Do You Bill Yourself For Hours Worked?

Billing for yourself

When you work for yourself, it can be tempting to do all the business related tasks yourself to save money. But is this cost effective? Could you actually be wasting time and valuable money on things that are cheaper to outsource?

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Focus on Today


We just launched two really great new features. One will help you keep focused on what is happening today, and the other will save you time as you select multiple projects or tasks and perform bulk actions.

As we launched these features this weekend I started thinking about when Project Bubble began. The original idea was to keep focused on what is happening today and not to get distracted by what might be around the corner, or what is overdue and being waited on by an angry client.

Somewhere along the way, with APIs, and redesigns and iPhone apps and other things, I admit that this priority of 'focus' within the app got a little lost. However today, we have addressed that.

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Should I Consider Staff Project Management Training?


When putting a team together for your next project, do you simply look down their CVs and check out the list of qualifications and experience? Do you take it all at face value and accept that if someone achieved a great qualification twenty years ago that they’re still fit to manage today?

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