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Do You Prioritise Your Workload, or Someone Else?


For many people it can seem that the best way to get to the top in any organisation is to take on more work. Essentially, doing more is seen as the fastest way up the corporate ladder so they’ll be quick to say “yes” to anything they’re asked to do. However, this can be the quickest way to burn-out and could be counterproductive with you running out of time to do the things you wanted to get done.

Does this happen to you?

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Keeping Your 2015 Resolutions

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As we head towards the end of 2014, many people will be reflecting on the past year and wondering how they can make 2015 a lot better. For a few, I’m sure; 2014 cannot be surpassed in terms of success, quality of life and money earned. However, for the majority the same old mantra will be repeated on New Year’s Eve – I must do better.

Whether it’s dealing with people better, learning new skills or simply becoming a better manager, the start of a new year makes many people think about how they can improve themselves. Sometimes it’s simply because they’ve had enough of the “rut” and want a change. Sometimes they need more money or maybe they wish to skip the country to seek out greater opportunities. Whatever your reasons – how can you make it happen?

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Prepare for the Christmas Project Stall

Blog - Deadline

When a project stalls, it can be a testing time for all involved. Disruptions to projects can happen for a whole host of reasons and it’s up to a good project manager to deal with them and ensure they don’t cause massive delays. However, Christmas is a long holiday which has its problems, such as how do you get things going again in the New Year?

When planning a project, it’s important to ensure you do everything you can to ensure any public holidays are dealt with adequately. This can range from very easy to extremely difficult depending on the size and scope of your project.

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Collaboration with Project Bubble – Keep Teams on Track

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Do you know exactly what's happening on your project? Do you understand exactly what you have to do next? Importantly, have you told your team what's expected of them and when it's due?

We’ve spoken about communication and the need to ensure you keep your project manager, and clients updated with the current situation. We’ve also said that knowing what’s coming up in the future, planning for a missed deadline and being able to mitigate for them.

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How People Interact – Collaboration Made Easy

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The three primary ways in which humans interact are conversations, transactions and collaborations. This post explains each one of these and shows how each are important at times during our working life.

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