Productivity in the Workplace


Great things happen we create fresh ideas that help us do our work better so our productivity flows. Collaboration is how bridges get built, train tracks are set to ground, and how rocket science propels us into unknown galaxies as we explore our universe further and further.

Projects of larger scales can tax our attention, however. Tackling tasks is not always easy-breezy. The actionable steps they can require can distract us from handling the more easily managed subtasks. Delegating those beastly little to-dos can turn absolutely mind-numbing when you have to do everything yourself.

However productivity in the workplace is one of the greatest time cycles we can manage.

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What Makes a Good Project Manager?


Project management to a lot of people is simply the task of putting ticks in boxes and shouting at people to get things done.

I once heard a project manager say that he hires very 'thick-skinned' people because he knew he'd be shouting at them. Would anyone really want to work in such an environment?

Having the right tools is essential, that’s why Project Bubble was born, but if you don’t know how to manage your staff then you’re likely to very quickly find yourself in trouble, regardless of what tools you use.

So, here are the five top characteristics that I believe are absolutely essential for the best project manager to have.

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Productivity at Home


Technology innovates how we engage with the frenetic pace of the workplace. The computing devices and mobile devices we use also shape how we think about productivity in the office — and productivity at home.

A work day at home can take the most organized of us to task. When you work at home and the faucet breaks, your canine makes a Technicolor yawn, or you cannot remember where you left your headset for conference calls, your assignments still need to get done.

When the office space you visit daily is at home, how do you manage an intelligent workspace productively?

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The Power of Teams


Working in a team is a fundamental part of great productivity. However teams don't work well unless there's great teamwork and communication happening at the same time. This week we bring you our new Teams feature to help enable this, and it's available to everyone.

As we grow our user-base, we're constantly met with new challenges to make sure our tool helps your organization stay productive, motivated, and collaborating well.

Last year we deployed a new version which caters towards larger organizations, with perhaps hundreds of users. With that it was essential to add a feature that enabled you to group your users in to smaller groups, or teams.

We launched the new Enterprise version a few months ago with this feature available to those on the premium plans. Now this feature is available on all plans.

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Use the Law of Attraction to Boost Your Productivity


A spoonful of sugar spurred Jane and Michael Banks into spectacular productivity with the help of the Law of Attraction and the arrival of efficiency-expert Nanny, Mary Poppins.

The most priceless gifts everyone has aren’t how much we can receive, or how many things we have, but what we do with them. As unique each of us is, we are part of a world and a universe that governs how our goals are achieved and how we exceed expectations.

In this article we look at the 'Law of Attraction' and how it can help boost your productivity and help you manage all of your creative ideas.

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You Asked for Gantt Charts


This year Project Bubble will be 5 years old. During those 5 years we've had countless requests for Gantt charts. Today we bring them to you...

It's an exciting time for Project Bubble. We released a new version late last year and are excited about migrating everyone over to this new version in a few months. We've been constantly updating, tweaking and improving the product, and the most recent addition to the Reporting tools is the ability to create Gantt chart reports, which we are calling 'Timelines'.

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Time Tracking Comes to Enterprise


We are pleased to announce that Time Tracking is now a standard feature in Enterprise. We've improved it, added new features, and made it look prettier too.

When we first announced Enterprise a couple of months ago we hadn't fully manage to integrate time tracking, but since then we've been working on adding it back in and making it even better.

Now you can see who in your team is working on what, budget the amount of hours a task should take, and see how much time they are actually spending. It's the power and simplicity of Enterprise, with the classic time tracking features of Project Bubble.

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5 Steps that Stomp out Stress


As we approach the holiday season, we know how stressful things can become in the office and at home. Here's a small guide and an infographic to help you stomp out stress.

Wake up, start the ragtag ‘to-dos’ you know have to finish. Bathe and dress before you get the kids ready for school. Scrub the house (and yourself) again quickly before you rush out the door only to sit in traffic. You answer the phone at work to discover it is your children’s school. Your littlest one is sick and you’re backlogged with assignments. Or maybe it is your significant other who texts you out the blue and out of sheer frustration because you are hardly ever at home.

Everywhere you turn stuff seems to come no matter how you hard you try to handle it. None of us is immune to rigors of stress and there are tell-tale signs our minds and outer worlds reflect back to us that show us why.

Stress is part of nature’s way of life. The same energy that compels us to run or flee when we sense imminent danger or peril can be redressed as a jump-off point to begin our most creative work. Stress can serve as our impetus to complete projects in record time.

When there are more projects and laundry lists to attend to than there are hours in a work day, managing stress is more than necessary: stress management is crucial to ensuring our well-being.

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Project Bubble Enterprise is Here


We'd like to introduce to you a brand new version of Project Bubble, called Enterprise. It's better, faster, and simpler all at the same time.

Things have been a little quiet these last few months, and the reason why is because we've been really busy working away on a new version of Project Bubble which we are very proud to announce. This new version makes managing projects and collaborating with your team even easier.

The new version is simplified, easier to navigate, easier to find and share files, easier to manage groups of users, faster, and prettier too!

We wanted to take Project Bubble to the next level, and provide a way for large organizations, not just small teams, to easily manage their projects and collaborate online.

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Introducing Gantt-style Multi-day Events


Today we have another big announcement for you. We've just re-launched our calendar which has many new features such as multi-day events, a week view, outlook for next month, and more.

Last week we announced our new iPhone app which has gone down very well indeed. This week we are announcing our brand new calendar which greatly improves the ability to manage your events (including projects, tasks, and sub-tasks), directly from the calendar page.

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