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Do You Strive for Project Simplicity?


For many project managers, the ideal project has dozens of sub-projects, manuals full of information describing the nuances of each one and a team structure that takes up an entire office wall. Running a complex project is sometimes seen as proof that that the manager has the mettle for bigger things.

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Do You Highlight the Failures?


We live in a world where we’re told to accentuate the positive and suppress the negative. We shouldn’t dwell on when things go wrong but should instead talk about the successes. But is this the best way to operate a project?

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Are You Ready for the New Year?


For many people, the New Year heralds in the start of new beginnings, the chance to make changes to life, relationships and work. However, many return, and nothing has changed, they continue just as they left off.

It’s important to feel refreshed when getting back into a project, whatever that project is, as a clear and uncluttered mind can help to ensure things get finished quickly. The Christmas break is a good time to get refreshed and think about the year ahead, but without action, you’ll quickly end up back in the old routines.

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Take Christmas off, You Deserve It!


You’ve probably been running around chasing deadlines for most of the year, can you at least spend some time with your family and relax for a while? You probably need to; it’ll help you re-assess your life, your values and reflect on everything you have around you.

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Do You Prioritise Your Workload, or Someone Else?


For many people it can seem that the best way to get to the top in any organisation is to take on more work. Essentially, doing more is seen as the fastest way up the corporate ladder so they’ll be quick to say “yes” to anything they’re asked to do. However, this can be the quickest way to burn-out and could be counterproductive with you running out of time to do the things you wanted to get done.

Does this happen to you?

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