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8 Ways to Become the Worst Project Manager

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About twenty years ago I was working with a project team on some large IT implementations. There were five main project managers, each reporting to a lead manager who in turn reported to the customer.

The five main project managers were supposed to be fairly autonomous as they were split across the whole organisation working on distinctly different aspects of the implementation. Each had their own skill and this was reflected in the jobs they were given.

Each one also had at lease fifteen staff under them, but some had many more. I worked in one of the smaller teams and I have to say, our manager was fantastic, but she was new. As a new manager she was expected to work with one of the more experienced ones to learn the ropes. I got invited along to a session with the chosen manager as I was training, too. It was a terrifying experience.

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Communication, the key to a Better Project Experience


Communication is easy these days. We can text, email, call, chat, message, poke, nudge and wink and all without getting up from our desks. So why is it that so many projects fail where people cite “communication” as the problem?

Text, email and phone calls are methods of communication but what we communicate is far more important than the delivery tool we choose. Even though we live in a switched-on world, there are still issues with talking to our colleagues in order to make a point or pass information, and this is where problems occur.

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Bookkeeping - An Essential Task you Shouldn't Ignore

Bookkeeping If you’re a small business or even a consultant using Project Bubble to handle your day-to-day project tasks, then there’s a very good chance you’ll be doing it to get paid. At some point, you’ll have to raise an invoice or you’ll have to pay a bill. Tight bookkeeping is essential from the minute you start trading.

This post isn’t anything to do with keeping your taxes up to date, and it’s nothing about regulation; I aim to offer no tips on those two subjects. It is, however, to do with making sure that if you’re in business today then you’ll be in business tomorrow and next year.

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Want a Quick Productivity Fix? Focus.

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You get into work; you start up your computer, and you begin to read your emails. A cup of coffee, maybe a Danish and you then crack on with the job at hand. However, within a few minutes your email “pings” and you go check it. Before you even start your day, it's been interrupted...

During your working day, this is going to happen regularly. You’ll be doing something important, and you’ll check your email. Even when you walk away from your desk, you’ll be getting notifications from your phone that will be pinging and vibrating even while you’re eating your lunch.

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Agility in the Workplace Is Essential

Project Agility

Adjusting to changes in projects shouldn't be a chore and it shouldn't cause problems for everyone involved. Similarly, no change should be a huge surprise to everyone on a project. An agile approach to your projects, indeed anything you're working on, can ensure issues are kept to a minimum.

An agile approach to project management, indeed to any process simply means being able to adapt with change, take on new approaches and essentially be ready to move the goalposts when necessary.

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